A message to all Bee Brave Golfers:

Thank you so much for your support and fundraising efforts for Bee Brave — it is greatly needed and appreciated! Unfortunately, the cancellation of this year’s Bee Brave Golf Outing sets us back significantly in our fundraising goals — several thousand dollars, in fact.

Your participation — through your registration, raffle & mulligan sales — played a huge role in our fundraising efforts and let us bring on amazing sponsors who underwrite all the expenses! Though the event had to be canceled, our fundraising efforts for Bee Brave and Van Andel Institute can always continue. After all, cancer research won’t be stopped by this virus!

As a way of showing your continued support, would you consider donating part or perhaps all of what you would have spent to attend our outing? We have created a ‘Team Golf’ where you can make your donation. We would be ever so grateful, and I KNOW the Institute will be as well!

Thank you in advance for your consideration!

– Pat Ringnalda

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