2023 Bee Brave Puzzle Masters


Join us for a family-friendly event this year, a puzzle competition!! Teams of 4 will vie to be named our 2023 Bee Brave Puzzle Masters! 

Teams will begin assembling their puzzle promptly at 10:15 am and will have 2 hours to finish their 500 piece puzzle. All teams will have the same puzzle!

Location: Dutton Christian School (6980 Hanna Lake Ave SE, Caledonia, MI 49316

March 11, 2023

Time: 10:15-12:15


In-Person Rules & Regulations:

  • All Teams will work on a copy of the same puzzle. 

  • Contestants will be given their puzzle at check in.

  • No early starts! If you open and/or  begin your puzzle before the start of the contest you will be disqualified.

  • Hands only! The use of any puzzle tools, cutting devices, flashlights or phones is grounds for disqualification.

  • Judges will be monitoring the area and watching as teams get close to finishing. When your team is close to finishing, raise your hand and a judge will come to your table to watch you finish and record your time. If a judge is unable to get to your table when you finish please record your own time on the time card provided at your table.

  • Teams not finished in the 2 hour allotted time will be asked to count the pieces left to determine placement if needed.

  • Winners will be announced immediately following the competition.

  • In the event a team member can not finish the competition, teams are allowed to continue with a smaller team.


Puzzle Ticket
Purchase this ticket as the team captain.
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